Brandy is a brand asset management tool designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps to reduce communication overhead and improve brand consistency by providing a dedicated space for all brand assets with a customizable URL and enabling easy exporting of vector files directly from the browser. The tool is built with design agencies and studios in mind, allowing for the management of multiple brands from a single account. Brandy’s pricing is simple and transparent, starting at $5 per month, and it is designed for companies that may not be able to justify the cost of enterprise-level solutions. The company is bootstrapped and committed to continuing to build the best brand asset management tool for small and medium businesses.

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For web hosts and domain registrars

Brandy is a digital asset management platform that helps web hosts and domain registrars offer a fast and easy-to-use solution for their customers to build and manage their brand assets, such as logos, color palettes, and font pairings. With Brandy, WordPress hosting companies can activate new users, reduce churn, and increase average revenue per user. We are also developing a plugin that integrates with popular page builders for WordPress, making it easier for brands to create their website.

For domain registrars, Brandy allows you to empower your customers who have purchased a domain by providing them with the tools to take the next step in building their brand and increasing customer lifetime value.

Brandy offers a simple integration and revenue share model to its partners, and we are working on becoming available in the WHMCS marketplace. You can also white label and integrate via our Direct API.

Brandy helps web host end-users in the earliest stages of their brand building journey.

For agencies

Brandy is a tool designed for agencies to streamline their brand management. It allows you to quickly and easily create a comprehensive styleguide in just a few minutes. With the agency plan, you have access to multiple brand spaces, where you can invite clients to collaborate as either editors or viewers. Each brand space is completely separate, so you can easily keep your own styleguides and your clients’ brands separate. Additionally, the agency plan allows you to fully white-label the product, customizing the shareable link domain so that your clients won’t even know it’s powered by Brandy. Plus, the agency plan comes with unlimited users and editors.

Files hide in folders, brands live in Brandy.

Adobe Creative Cloud Integration

Brandy has partnered with Adobe Express to become the brand documentation app for Adobe’s small to mid size and agency segment. Brand assets can be created in Express and placed throughout your Brandy styleguide. You never have to leave Brandy as you are designing your brand. Brandy is also partnering with Adobe on its SMB go-to-market, specifically web hosting and domain registrar distribution to democratize free entry level products like Express to millions of end-users.

Brandy story

Adam Hayek, Founder of Brandy, set out to launch a Brand Management platform after experiencing first hand the issues around brand asset management. When looking for a solution he discovered that there are no options for smaller businesses, freelance designers and agencies at a reasonable budget. Brandy is currently used by thousands of users to manage thousands of assets and we couldn’t be more thrilled about Adam’s mission in democratizing Brand Management to the world!

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